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Current Projects

You can find a table of currently funded projects and their completion status below.

Year Recipient Project Title Status
2016 Arnon Gal Comparison of bone marrow biopsy diagnostic quality
for samples taken from different sites
Abstract submitted
2105 Andrew Worth Genetic evaluation in four large dog breeds that have
been selected for better Elbow conformation using
the NZVA Elbow dysplasia (ED) scheme
2015 Alison Stickney Comparison of the prevalence of FIV in vaccinated
cats versus unvaccinated cats in NZ
2012 Ali Karkaba and
Kate Hill
Investigating the strains of multidrug resistant E
coli that are causing clinical infections in
companion animals in NZ
Publication pending
2010 Kate Hill Clinical & biochemical profiles of NZ working farm
Publication pending
2008 Ben Leitch and
Andrew Worth
Evaluation of an epoxy resin connecting bar/clamp
external skeletal fixator for feline long bone