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Whether you represent a corporate, educational institute or veterinary clinic that wants to partner with us, or you’re an individual who wants to donate a few dollars to help fund our work, every contribution is important to us.

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We’re always looking for new partners to help support our work. We’re interested in working with businesses who want their customers to know they care about the health and welfare of Kiwi pets, and organisations that want to help us to achieve our research ambitions.

We tailor our partnerships to provide benefits that enhance brands, and meet business and corporate social responsibility targets.

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What a great way for organisations like schools, veterinary clinics, businesses or passionate pet parents to encourage the people they interact with every day to join together to raise funds to support our research. We can help by supplying you promotional material for your customers and friends, and we will promote your good work through social media and on our website. We can even help you with fundraising ideas!

No matter how large or small, all donations are appreciated and help to support our work. Every cent goes directly to funding research that supports better health and welfare for Kiwi pets. Donate today!

Sign up for PD Pet Insurance and they'll donate and additional $200 to Healthy Pets NZ

For every new policy signed up, PD Insurance have generously offered an additional $200 donation to Healthy Pets NZ


1:         Click and go into PD Insurance

2:         Click on “Get a quote”

3:         Where did you hear about us – choose Healthy Pets

4:         OR insert HPets into the promo field

There are three simple plans, three simple excesses

Month to Month (no locked in contract’s)

Two or more pets 5% discount

Annual policies 5% discount

First month free

There's also TWO months free for all new puppies and kittens aged between 6 weeks to 52 weeks, with $100 donated to Healthy Pets NZ

AND they have a  “Refer a Friend programme” which rewards existing customers with a $50 credit onto their account for spreading the good word, with any friends that sign up also getting a reward and entitled to their first month free.

So spread the word!