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Our Partners

Human-Animal Bond Partner

Roayal CaninPremium pet nutrition brand Royal Canin strives to make a better world for pets with health through nutrition. As a company they recognise the important role pets play and the many ways they improve our lives. Healthy Pets New Zealand fills an essential gap raising awareness, supporting education and developing research to support pet health and responsible pet ownership. These goals are proudly shared and supported by Royal Canin. Collectively, we are proudly working together with Royal Canin to help build the world we want tomorrow, starting today. Find out more.


Research in Practice Partner

CAVThe vision of the Companion Animal Veterinarians branch (CAV) of the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) is for a thriving companion animal veterinary profession. We strive for this goal by promoting and supporting all aspects of companion animal veterinary practice. Our member veterinarians are provided with multiple opportunities to continue their professional development. The CAV executive committee contributes a broad knowledge of companion animal veterinary practice to the NZVA, assisting our members with everyday queries and aiding the development of NZVA advocacy and positions.We value the outstanding contributions our members make to the profession, recognising and rewarding their efforts. We assist projects that promote responsible pet ownership and companion animal welfare through representation on the New Zealand Companion Animal Trust and our research partnership with Healthy Pets New Zealand. Find out more.