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Our Research

We’re focused on the big issues important to the health and welfare of Kiwi pets.  Our research increases the scientific body of knowledge that helps to improve care, and results in new and better diagnostic investigation and treatment options for Kiwi pets. We also support studies into the value of  pets to society, the human-pet bond, and we aim to communicate our findings to the public.

Our Objectives

  • To promote better public understanding of companion animal welfare, breeding, nutrition, management, health, diseases and performance.
  • To encourage the study and understanding of companion animals in New Zealand.
  • To foster project or welfare work in connection with companion animals.
  • To assist with projects related to advancing the wellbeing of all companion animals.

Current Projects Underway


  • Recipient: Hayley Hunt
  • Project Title: Episodic Collapse and Abnormal Movements in German Shorthair Pointer puppies
  • Status: Underway


  • Recipient: MarcWilson
  • Project Title: Is pet ownership associated with better health and wellbeing?
  • Status: Underway



  • Recipient: Joon Seo
  • Project Title: Feline Cardiomyopathy in New Zealand cats
  • Status: Underway


  • Recipient: Lorna Hardy
  • Project Title: Echocardiographic measurements and cardiac biomarker concentrations in dogs presenting with diarrhoea.
  • Status: Underway



  • Recipient: Anne Haase
  • Project Title: Fostering cats for health: How do cat fostering programmes benefit companion animals and humans?
  • Status: Underway