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Healthy Pets New Zealand

Healthy Pets NZ is a charity that supports research into improved health and welfare for Kiwi pets. Established by the New Zealand Veterinary Association’s Companion Animal Branch, we’ve been funding research into the big health and welfare issues facing Kiwi pets since 1988.

Pause for pizza!

Students from Cashmere Avenue Primary School in Wellington recently enjoyed slices of delicious pizza for lunch  to help raise money for Healthy Pets New Zealand.

Earlier in the year the school’s Student Council decided Healthy Pets New Zealand was a charity they wanted to support, and with the help of teacher Leigh Robson sold pizza to classmates for $2 a slice.

Pet-friendly workplace a dog owner's dream

Wellington law firm Mahony Horner's dog friendly policy is bringing benefits not only to staff and their animals but also to clients.

When Laura Tidey asked if she could bring Graham, her adopted 8-week old spoodle to work in 2015, the answer was ‘yes’.

“Mahony Horner has a culture of openness to trying out different ways of working, so it was a good fit for a pet-friendly workplace experiment,” says Laura.

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