Cath's Corner April 2024

Exploring New Horizons in Companion Animal Research

Change is constant and inevitable. New discoveries are being made, and new technologies are being developed, which makes it impossible to maintain the status quo. The more we learn, the more we must adapt and change our ways of thinking and doing things.

New study explores environmental enrichment for working dogs

With more strong applications in the November 2023 granting round, one study in particular stood out to the Healthy Pets NZ grants assessment team. 

Dr Rene Corner-Thomas and her team are seeking to assess the impact and duration of environmental enrichment in dogs by novel methods that reduce the risks of human bias. While this research is specifically aimed at ensuring the welfare of working dogs, it is likely the outcomes will help us understand how to provide a more enriched life for all dogs who may spend some time in enclosed spaces, hence the value of this project.

3D-printed titanium plates are more prone to cyclic failure

Additive manufactured (computer designed and 3D printed) titanium orthopaedic plates are gaining popularity in the veterinary industry, and have some advantages when it comes to patient-specific limb alignment surgeries, however while they have a greater bending strength than conventionally manufactured titanium plates, they are more prone to cyclic failure in a shorter fatigue period. Careful selection of their use on a case/patient-specific basis is recommended.