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Healthy Pets New Zealand

Healthy Pets NZ is a charity that supports research into improved health and welfare for Kiwi pets. Established by the New Zealand Veterinary Association’s Companion Animal Branch, we’ve been funding research into the big health and welfare issues facing Kiwi pets since 1998.

Alcohol-based rubs should be the preferred method of hand preparation for vets

The New Zealand Veterinary Journal has recently published an excellent review article, written by Kat Crosse and funded by HPNZ, on pre-surgical hand preparation in veterinary practice. The conclusion was clear: alcohol-based rubs are effective in eliminating transient flora, reducing resident flora, safe for repeated use, have high compliance with appropriate training, can be used in or out of clinic facilities, are cost effective and water saving. Even if an alcohol-based rub is only as effective as traditional scrubbing in terms of bacterial load reduction, the other benefits should be enough to sway our practice in favour of their preferred use.


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